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Filtre numérique Signature MSB

About the Signature Digital Filter
The signature 32X digital filter is twice what the 16X filter is. Twice the processor and twice the memory results in more than twice the performance.  The 16x filter supplied in the stock DAC III is a huge improvement over commodity digital filters like the Burr-Brown DF1704, but is now bested by the new Signature filter.  Hours of careful design and hours of listening have resulted in another leap in performance and we are now proud to offer this user installable upgrade for any Platinum DAC. This upgrade offers several advancements:  
• It will support a 27 bit DAC (the 16x is limited to 25 bits)
• It has a steeper brickwall filter slope
• It has a flatter pass band and deeper stop band
• It has less image frequency leakage
• Increased compatibility with -6 db

It has quieter MuMetal shielded clocks
These technical achievements result in three general performance improvements, each with a corresponding improvement in sonics.

Twice the processor = Greater clarity and air
The sign x function is the ideal shape to apply to the audio filter task, but unfortunately to work perfectly it must sample an infinite number of samples. Our 16x filter contained 3200 taps, a very large sample and worked well. The Signature Filter contains and amazing 6000 taps, and the increased size of the filter more closely approximates the ideal filter. Immediately you can hear the increased clarity of the music.

Noise Shaping = Less digital Graininess
MSB has applied noise shaping technology, not directly to the audio as SACD and Delta Sigma DACs do but to the actual digital filter. This novel approach reduces that digital harshness without loss of detail or focus.

Corrective Lens = Better soundstage focus
Just as glasses bring an image into focus for eyes that are not perfect, we have applied a corrective algorithm to the slight imperfections specifically found in our DAC architecture. This new innovation focuses the instruments more accurately on the soundstage.

Lower Jitter Clock = Better clarity and greater smoothness
We all know how important clock jitter is. The signature Digital Filter reduces clock jitter by another 50% to an unbelievably low level.

Increased Preamp Compatibility
MSB DACs have a 4 Vrms output where most products are 2 V and some are as low as 1 Vrms. We like the higher output level for two reasons: First, it allows operation with passive preamps. Second, it allows the lowest noise possible. (our noise floor is fixed, so the higher the output, the greater the signal to noise ratio).
Many, many active preamps clip even at 1 V. When this happens, our DAC will sound much worse than whatever it is compared to if the other product has a lower output level. To help with this problem, the filter button on the front panel has been remapped to provide a 6 db output cut, reducing our 4 V to 2 V, the standard output. If you hear any difference in quality between these two outputs besides volume, your preamp is undoubtably clipping.

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