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December 2007
Wilson Audio Specialties Inc selects Grand Prix Audio for ongoing product development and demonstrations - "Utah's famous loudspeaker manufacturer Wilson Audio has selected Grand Prix Audio's Monaco Modular equipment isolation system from among competitors costing up to three times as much, to serve as their ongoing reference for development, auditions and demonstrations of its world-class loudspeaker systems. Wilson Audio's John Giolas oversaw a year of exhaustive comparisons wherein the Wilson Audio team evaluated a number of upper echelon equipment support solutions for use in their facility and at upcoming tradeshows. Grand Prix Audio's carbon-composite based, 6 degrees of freedom-enabled standard Monaco Modular system proved superior in every aspect to the competition.
"We are very proud to be endorsed by as engineering-driven a company as Wilson Audio. At this level of excellence, cost is no object. While our systematic addresses at resonance isolation and vibration attenuation are admittedly not cheap, the fact that we objectively and subjectively -- measured and in the listening seat -- outperformed other significantly more costly solutions proves that while uncompromised quality does have its price, it needn't be as high as some would have you believe"

New Review!
Positive Feedback Editor David Robinson proclaims the new Monaco turntable as,
"In my estimation, the Grand Prix Audio Monaco turntable and Monaco Modular Isolation Systems definitely belongs in the first rank of turntables and isolation stands."
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New Review!
Paul Candy of 6moons raves about the incredible performance and quality of our new wall shelf design.

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Monaco Turntable Receives Postive Feedback Brutus Award
Brutus Award
Positive Feedback Brutus Award

Grand Prix Audio received a Positive Feedback Brutus Award for being among the best sound of the CES 2006 with our new Monaco Turntable design.

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Monaco Turntable Product Page.

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6Moons has put out a new feature of our Monaco Turntable.
"... This company has now tackled, head-on and blithely, what knowledgeable insiders regard as the most challenging mechanical construct of audio: the venerable turntable... "
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Introducing the Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation System...
Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation Unit Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation System

We are proud to introduce the Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation System.

We are in the process of More Information:
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Positive Feedback CES 2006 Reports
A few articles from the folks over at Positive Feedback...

· Show report featuring Grand Prix Audio:

· David Robinson's CES 2006 Brutus Awards and show report featuring our Brutus award and some photos of the new Monaco turntable: 

· More David Robinson reporting, this catches us in a meeting with Stan Ricker (what might we be up to?):

· Greg Weavers show report featuring the new Monaco Turntable Announces New Products announces our new Monaco Turntable and the Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation System...

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New Review!
Brutus Award PFO Writer's Choice Award, 2004
Greg Weaver of Positive Feedback was so impressed with our product not only did he buy it but we were awarded the coveted PFO Writers Choice Award for 2004!
Brutus Award
Monaco Modular Isolation System

"...While I expected the Monaco to have a positive impact, to say that I was unprepared for the resultant sweeping enhancements resulting from its installation would be the most severe of understatements. The Monaco's influence on overall system performance is, in a word, breathtaking. We are talking about a scale of enhancement that I would have believed unattainable by merely changing one component prior to its arrival, let alone one so patently passive. Its rewards come in three primary categories; resolve, timbre and space."  

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